The Packaging Of Cosmetics Products

According the research, the top five countries in China’s packaging industry export volume in 2021 are the United States, Vietnam, Japan, South Korea and Malaysia. especially, the export volume of the United States reached 6.277 billion US dollars, which is 16.29% of the total export volume; Vietnam’s total exports reached 3.041 billion US dollars, accounting for 7.89% of the total exports; Japan’s total exports reached 1.996 billion US dollars, accounting for 5.18% of the total exports.

According to the data, cosmetic packaging will account for the largest proportion.

With the improvement of people’s consumption level and consumption ability, the production and sales of cosmetics and washing products have been developed very fast. Because consumers will be attracted to the novel appearance and more personalized packaging form, so as to enhance the sales competitiveness of goods in the market, both international famous brands and small local brands are trying to win market and to attract the attention of buyers through unique packaging.

In this case, packaging is regarded as play a role of powerful “pioneer” in sales market; The eye-catching design, attractive shapes and colors of outer packaging will have a great impact on cosmetic packaging suppliers. Accordingly, suppliers will adapt to the market and continue to innovate the new packaging concepts.

Internationally, considering the protective, functional and decorative characteristics of daily chemical product packaging, the trend of international daily chemical product packaging is to constantly introduce new concepts, . Professional packaging design should be aimed at different consumer groups and different product categories. At the initial stage of packaging design, it should comprehensively consider the shape, color, material, label and other aspects of the packaging, connect all factors, pay attention to every detail of the product packaging, and always reflect the humanistic, fashionable and novel packaging concept, so as to have an impact on the final product.

Post time: Jul-16-2020